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“I thought your reading was so sharp and intuitive and just wondrous.  You always amaze me with your spectacular insights.  Thank you so.  This was Kim’s first experience, and she was in the hands of a master.’

Leslie Pinder, Lawyer, Author

“As my 60th birthday approached I found myself becoming more anxious, not only in dealing with work and relationships, but also in evaluating where I was in my life now. Although not a deep believer in astrology, my experience with Lauren Lesko’s reading (consultation?   correct word?) of my birth chart has lifted me from self-doubt into self-assurance. Suddenly my self-confidence and self-esteem are back and strong! Things are clear; my judgment of my “performance” as a photographer has gone “poof.” I am experiencing a lightness and such a feeling of well-being that previously I could only reach through deep meditation. It has also given me a purpose and a goal of what to work towards in the next year; I look forward to a reading with her on my 61st.”

Ann Summa, photographer

“I appreciate your taking so much time with me and giving me such an amazing reading.  It was like nothing I’ve ever experienced before and I’ve had many astrological readings in my life.  I found you to be almost psychic in your ability to understand my experience of myself.  You helped crystallize my thinking, got to the essence of my internal dilemma and helped me find my direction. Thank you! Thank you!”

Judy Ross, writer

“thanks for your thoughtful reading. i have no words to adequately describe how you do it. on one hand you’ve known me for so long (and better than anyone else) and on the other you string your insights together in such an articulate manner that it’s hard to believe you could get it so right with just having just known me. fortunately i can follow your reading in such a way that what you’re describing makes perfect sense AND you zero-ed in on the point of where i’m at. “

Larry Mantelloartist

“Lauren recently did an astrological reading for me. The readings I have had done in the past cannot hold a candle to the insight, intelligence, clarity and sensitivity of Lauren’s work. She is a master. Something profound, indeed, connects her to the stars. She was able to bring that ‘down to earth’ and helped me to understand the forces at work in my life, and the freedom I have to channel those forces.”

Leslie Hall Pindernovelist, lawyer

“Lauren Lesko is one of the most sensitive astrologers that I have been to. She is able to go to a higher creative plane, traveling through one’s chart with wonderful insight. Lauren is the right person to consult if you want to touch on the creative, spiritual, and mythic side of astrology.”

Chrysanne Stathacos – artist, educator, activist


Lauren Lesko teaches astrology in such a dynamic, relevant, and concrete way that the learning is almost effortless.  Concepts are easily absorbed and retained, making the process both productive and pleasurable.  I look forward to every session, and the deeper understanding that always comes with it.

Kirsten Dehner

To Whom it May Concern,
Lauren Lesko is a highly qualified astological counselor and I warmly recommend her for inclusion in your spiritual/health program. Ms. Lesko is not a predictive astrologer. She takes a thoughtful analytical approach to her work, basing it in part on the teachings from “Cosmos and the Psyche” by the highly acclaimed academician Richard Tarnas. She is comfortable in a teaching capacity and while demanding the highest results, her level of patience leads her students to feel confident learning from her.Further information will be furnished as required. Yours truly.

Beverly Russell, Ph.D (Hon.)
author, publisher, creative thinker

i would like to give a testimonial regarding my knowledge of lauren lesko as an astrologer. i have attended lauren’s astrology seminar for the over a year. she is always extremely insightful, patient, articulate, intelligent, and inspiring. her psychological approach to astrology makes it a fascinating exploration for her students. i have learned and am learning a great deal from lauren about my potential and the ways to develop it that would work best for me. i am also learning how astrological energies impact our world. she is a wonderful teacher and a warm human being with a great sense of humor. she would be an asset to any holistic program/center.

veronica bassil

Thanks to Lauren, I am now a “seeker”.  As a lifelong “observer”,  I am finding  it quite wonderfully empowering  to chart my own course.  Lauren has opened doors to me that I truly did not realize even existed.  She has been instrumental in lifting the fog that engulfed me.  It was as if I had been asleep for most of my 66 years, and Lauren snapped me to attention.  Through a collaboration with her and her astrology circle,  I learned about myself.

She is kind, calm, and wise…..a gentle soul.  There are no accidents in this life, and it was no accident that I attended one of her lectures in San Miguel.  Synchronicity. Warmest regards and Godspeed

Sharon Stanley Ruggerio
7106 Dorsetshire Drive
Houston, Texas 77040-3901

To Whom It May Concern,

I am writing this letter of recommendation on behalf of my friend Lauren Lesko. I have taught many subjects and have been studying esoteric astrology many years. Lauren has been leading an astrology group for over a year which I have attended and Have found her a very good teacher, counselor, and friend. Lauren has many strong points. Among them are: punctuality, preparation for classes, wide extent of astrological knowledge, joy in sharing, concern for students, flexibility in teaching methods and approaches, friendliness and inclusiveness, and reception of different views.Lauren will add an excellent energy to any position she is in and I know she will be deeply appreciated for her work, knowledge, enthusiasm, and character. Sincerely.

Vadna Sue Gerhart
(415) 18592232 ( in Mexico )

To Whom It May Concern,

Without reservation I wish to recommend Ms. Lauren Lesko for a position as professional astrologer.

Having known Lauren in her capacity as workshop leader-instructor and consultant during the period January 2009 to the present, I have observed the breadth and depth of her knowledge of astrology and related fields. In addition, Lauren demonstrates laudable skills as a workshop leader. Her interpersonal manner, respect for participants and clients, and easy communication style are noteworthy attributes.

Lauren’s very professional approach to astrology has strongly influenced my own interest and motivation to pursue a deeper understanding of the subject.
Yours truly,

Mary Ann Kaufman