Follow Your Bliss

by Lauren Lesko

“You have the option of observing things as they are, or imagining things as
you want them to be, and whichever option you choose is equally powerful.”

A Lunar Eclipse punctuates a shift in our conscious by marking the completion, sometimes the passing, of something we have created in our life. When a Lunar Eclipse is in Sagittarius and Gemini we are challenged to look closely at our reality and follow our heart in search of the meaning of our existence. A series of eclipses in Sagittarius and Gemini will continue unfolding throughout 2012 illuminating the ebb and flow of our existence. Those experiences that touch us most deeply will force us to look at what we believe and how our beliefs create what we experience. The cosmos is encouraging us to let go of our attachment to the beliefs of others and rather than mindlessly follow the thoughts, feelings, and actions of others, discover what is true for ourself.  The spirit of Sagittarius inspires us to reach beyond what we know in search of something never before experienced, and the spirit of Gemini infuses our life force with boundless curiosity and a youthful wonderment ready to embrace everything that life has to offer. Our consciousness is awakening as never before imagined encouraging us to free ourself of the limitations imposed by our past and open our heart to the infinite possibilities awaiting us in the unknown.

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