Journey Toward the Light

by Lauren Lesko

“Man know thyself and you will know the universe and the Gods.”

A solar eclipse is a cosmic guarantee of a new birth in consciousness that begins with a journey into darkness. The solar eclipse on November 25th was in the sign of Sagittarius insuring that the meaning of our life, our beliefs that give form and substance to our individuality,  will be challenged in the coming months. The cosmos is daring us to travel with blind faith beyond what is familiar and comfortable. If we are willing to take the risk offered with this solar eclipse and open the aperture of our vision wider we may see new possibilities never before imagined. Now is the time to eliminate whatever is preventing us from being free in our spirit. We have this opportunity to break the chains binding us to the past, and move, unencumbered, toward a deeper self- knowing.

The Sun, our spirit, is expressed in the light of our consciousness and the Moon, our soul, is expressed in  the depth of our eternal being. Mercury, the cosmic messenger, travels freely between the two bringing the depth of our eternal being into conscious light. For the next three weeks Mercury is helping us to be more conscious of how our  deepest motives are realized, made manifest, in our thoughts and feelings. Our communication with one  another may be more intense than usual forcing us to be aware of what our thoughts and feelings are creating in life. Mercury in Sagittarius is seeking the meaning, the purpose, the intention of our communication with one another. This solar eclipse is giving us the gift of “sight” so that we may see beyond the veil of our worldly delights into the light of our heart’s desire. Laughter and play are essential to our growing in self-awareness, and Mercury in Sagittarius loves to play, but be for warned, mischievous play is a charming companion of Sagittarius tempting us with a restless mind and roaming spirit that, without conscious awareness, may undermine our journey toward the light.